12-13 July 2024 Savitaipale

Adventure race in the astonishing landscapes of the Lake Saimaa.

Vuoden 2024 reittiskeemat

Route schemes of 2024 race at Savitaipale

Explore and Adventure 

In shorter classes, the route is the same type. In these classes, some teams go paddling at the very beginning after the prologue, and some at the very end just before the short epilogue. For this reason, two different schemes are available for these classes.

Route schemes of Adventure and Explore classes where paddling is at the end.
Second option has paddling right after the start.


Shorter version of the competive classes. Almost all goodies but not quite. Bus transportation to the start.

At the Challenge all the sports are divided to multiple legs.


Tapahtuman kruununjalokivi, SM-sarjan osakilpailu. Kaikki herkut samassa paketissa. Kuljetus lähtöpaikalle järjestäjien toimesta. Joukkueet voivat toimittaa järjestäjien mukana huoltolaatikon vaihtoalueelle TA4.

Also in Extreme, all sports are divided into several different sections.

Event info and rules

Saimaa Challenge is a multisport adventure event.

In the event, two-person teams navigate from one check mark to another by running, (mountain) biking and paddling in the order according to the route book. The maps are distributed to the participants two hours before the joint departure, after which the participants plan the routes they will use themselves. The checkers have the familiar orange-white checkered flag from orienteering. Some of the checkers have tasks (quests), where the participants must follow separately given instructions. In longer series, Quest tasks measure the participants’ knowledge and skills of the sport, in shorter series they offer memorable experiences.

The event’s Explore series (duration about 3 to 6 hours) is designed for those trying the sport as a low-threshold option that can be completed with a regular bike and basic navigation skills.

The Adventure series (5 – 10 hours) offers a little more of a challenge, but can be completed well without previous experience in adventure races. The track has been made even easier for 2024.

The Challenge series (7 – 12 hours) is still slightly higher in terms of difficulty. In the Challenge series, the planning will be more challenging and the terrain will be more diverse.

The Extreme series (15 to 22 hours) challenges the participants mentally and physically with its length and physical challenge. In sports skills, the demands are clearly higher than in other series. Very few separate quests.

The event takes time for all participants and the best of all series are rewarded. In the Explore and Adventure series, the winners are awarded with a commemorative prize, but the actual prizes are drawn among the finishers. In the Extreme and Challenge series, prizes are awarded based on the results to the best.